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Light From The Anti-Sun // Primitive Knot Live In Salford (tape)

£5.00 / Sold Out

Summoning light from the Anti-Sun, Primitive Knot wield raw ritual intensity in this terrifying performance. From shamanic dark ambience to unholy subspace black metal this recording will unsettle and delight all true believers. The tapes are hand crafted in the sub-temple - true artefacts of the no-audience-underground.

*Strictly limited to 33 copies*

Every tape buyer will be sent a WAV file of the music via WeTransfer. A download only version is not available.

Running time - 45 minutes


Thee Opener Of The Way
Into The Heart Of The Black Sun
Influx Of The Stars
Burn Their Seals In The Sacred Fire
Touch Me Not
Morgul Blade
Into The Forest Of Knives

Listen to a sample here: